Regenerate your skin with the power of SKN-RG cleansing ritual your daily detox. Gently decongests and dissolves black heads whilst leaving a highly receptive makeup base without taught or dryness. For maximum results use the Oil Cleansing Method.



decongests, dissolves blackheads, perfect makeup base, spots, breakouts, greasy skin, sebum absorber, black head dissolver.

SKN RG Cleansing Ritual

  • AM/PM apply using the Oil Cleansing Method: place a 2 pence piece of Cleansing Ritual into clean hands and massage into palms to activate, smooth and massage over skin. Using a hand hot cloth, wrap the cloth around your fingers and massage over skin for at 30 seconds to 1 minute in circular motions. Rinse and then apply a hand hot cloth to face and leave on for 10 seconds. Rinse and reapply cloth if required. Avoid eyes.