Introducing SKN-RG’s new Neck + Décolleté Treatment Oil, a luxurious golden liquid, full of potent actives, that glides onto the skin effortlessly, in turn, banishing the 5 woes of the neck and decollete including; crepey, saggy, turkey neck, loose jowls and lines.

SKN RG Deage Neck and Decollete Treatment Oil

  • To use me day or night. First Cleanse with Diamond Blue Cleanser and/or Resurrection Polish + Mask.


    While the skin is still slightly damp apply 2-3 drops of product into hands and massage together to warm the oil.


    Work in by brushing the hands upwards from the decollete and up the neck. Repeat the action until the oil is fully absorbed. Please note during the massage you may notice slight flushing of the skin, this is completely normal and will subside after a few seconds.


    Avoid inner eye area.