Supercooling, resurfacing and calming, SKN-RG’s Diamond Blue Cleanser can revolutionise your daily cleansing. Designed to entrap pollutants before they allow damage to occur.


Corrective, balancing and protective, our intuitive Diamond Blue Plankton (suspended in a super hydrating hyaluronic gel) captures and entraps pollutants allowing them to be fully released from the skin surface rinsing away without stripping the skin. Skin is renewed without any harshness, tight or discomfort.

SKN RG Diamond Blue Wash

  • Pre-cleanse first to remove makeup. Gently splash the face with warm water. Smooth Diamond Blue Cleanser over the skin and work in circular motions over entire face. Leave on for at least 30 seconds or upto 2 minutes for increased cellular revitalization. Avoid eyes. Rinse thoroughly and remove with hand-hot water, repeat if required. Pat dry.