Zao Make-Up Eyeliners ensure an intense and long-lasting make-up. Their formula rich is in organic aloe vera gel and respects and cares for sensitive eyes.

The Eyeliner brush tip highlights your eyes thanks to the extreme finesse of the applicator brush which guarantees a subtle and precise outline. The Eyeliner brush tip is ideal for the make-up artist. It is available in 5 colours.

For a modulable layout from the thinnest to the thickest, choose the intense Eyeliner felt tip Black 066. It slides perfectly on the eyelid and allows a subtle and graphic layout. It ensures flawless coverage from the first pass.

A formula 100% of natural origin, certified organic and Vegan.

CAPACITY: 3.8 ml / 0.12 fl.oz.

Zao Eyeliner with brush or felt tip

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  • SHAKE BEFORE USE. For easier access to the base of the eyelashes, close the eyelid and gently pull the skin up with a finger on the eyebrow. Starting at the centre of the eye and tracing outward then inside, it’s easier to get a perfect line. Tip: On a small eyelid, prefer a thin line. The higher the mobile eyelid, the wider the line.