Treat your skin to the skin-softening properties of MÁDARA Infusion Blanc Supreme Hydration Body Lotion, a lightweight body moisturiser that intensely hydrates while helping to uplift the senses.


Smoothing and rejuvenating, the body lotion contains a luxurious blend of herbal Silk, soothing Jasmine and antioxidant-rich Meadowsweet to leave skin feeling supple, soft and protected. It also utilises a NEURO WELBEING BIO-COMPLEX, which aids in the protection of collagen to help prevent ageing while promoting a sense of wellbeing.


Sensationally silky moisture-locking hand cream to instantly soften and quench dry hand skin.


This quickly absorbed formula combines softening oat extract and aromatic essences of jasmine and meadowsweet to restore comfort and promote a sense of wellbeing.


Feel good in your skin with body care more clever than ever. 



stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis;

prevents neuroageing;

delivers divine softness;

calms and comforts.

Madara Infusion Blanc Supreme Hydration Hand Cream

  • Apply daily with massaging movements all over body.