Lumiere, as the name suggests, uses the latest most innovative eco-technology to give radiance to the skin. Combining Stem Cells derived from Superfood Chia Seed that deliver incredible protein bolstering elements. Gold Chelate Extract that lifts the skin. Potent Vitamin C Arctic Cloudberry and Alpine Willow Herb to smooth and limit pore size.


Teamed with the “Lumiere Veil” SKN-RG’s new intuitive Plankton delivers auto-correction and soft-focus optics. 


Discover the air light moisturiser that melts beautifully into your skin and discover pure skin’s radiance, texture, and suppleness.

SKN RG Lumiere Moisturiser

  • To use me day or night. First Cleanse with Diamond Blue Cleanser or your favourite SKN-RG cleanser.


    While the skin is still slightly damp apply 2 -3 small pumps onto fingertips and tap over the face lightly in raindrop motions, this will stimulate blood flow. Allow the movement to work downwards onto the neck and decollate adding more as required. Then using your fingertips pad into the skin until fully absorbed.


    Avoid inner eye area.