SPF 30 UVA and UVB, mattifiying, non whitening, non nano, non greasy, anti-ageing, protective, anti-pollution, blue light shield


Everyday we are exposed to UV, even on overcast days UV still breaks down collagen causing skin ageing we cant stop the process but we can slow it down. Introducing the new SKN-RG Evolution pure shield. Pure ingredients harnessed from organic and natural sources have been fused with the latest blue light defence rich in minerals and high in non whitening non nano Zinc Mineral. SKN-RG have created the purest SPF Stick Tackling UV head on in a natural way.  Our pure shield SPF 30 UVA and UVB, ((UVB (B=Buring) and UVA =A+Ageing)) provides “an easy to apply” throughout the day product, that does not clog the skin and with its natural skin tint makes a great primer or can be used for a natural look.

SKN RG Pure Shield SPF30

  • Apply to clean skin as primer or standalone topping up every 2.2 hours.