Resurrection polish mask as the name suggests is a new evolution in multi-use products bringing the power of SKN-RG’s professional salon exfoliation and the power of the SKN-RG treatment into one product to give incredible benefits.


Utilising the power of bamboo micro grains teamed with resurfacing enzymes and plant-powered resurrection plant that lays dormant until the desert rainfalls to burst into bloom, it is the plant’s incredible ability to renew its structure that has been harnessed by SKN-RG to create not only a gentle exfoliate that performers but also the power of SKN-RG salon Face Mask Treatment to renew the skin

SKN RG Resurrection Scrub Mask

  • To use me day or night. First Cleanse with Diamond Blue Cleanser or your favourite SKN-RG cleanser.


    While the skin is still slightly damp apply 2-3 inches of product onto fingertips and work around the face in small light circular motions, this will enable the dead skin cells to be sloughed away but will also stimulate the skin cells to draw the treatment deeper into the dermis for unrivalled renewal.


    Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly follow with The Matrix or Neck and Decollete Treatment for maximum salon results.


    Avoid inner eye area.