Luminous Perfecting Concealer


This natural certified concealer hides dark circles, blemishes and redness yet mystically remains unseen. The dewy finish and long-lasting comfortable wear is powered by hydrating hyaluronic acid and smart retouching mineral


Use to illuminate the eye area, contour your face, conceal dark circles and erase any signs of fatigue. 


What it is

Madara The Concealer is a certified natural concealer that hides dark circles, blemishes and redness to provide long-lasting comfortable wear with a dewy finish. Powered by hydrating hyaluronic acid and smart retouching minerals, it is a concealer like no other. 


Colour Guide

- Vanilla: Fair, for light skin tones

- Latte: Light with pink undertones

- Honey: Light to medium with neutral undertones

- Almond: Medium with neutral undertones

- Hazelnut: Dark with neutral undertones

- Mocha: Deep dark with rich undertones


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  • Use to conceal any imperfections and illuminate the eye area. Apply with a brush, blend well with fingers.


    Apply the concealer to the under-eye area in a triangle shape – from the outer corner of your eye down to the nostril. Never apply the concealer to the dark circles only, as this will only emphasise what you are trying to hide. Always lighten up the whole under-eye area.


    For a more youthful appearance, apply the concealer both to the inner corner and under the outer corner of your eye. This will optically brighten and give your eye area a lifted look. 


    To optically smoothen the nasal folds, apply the concealer in the crease to illuminate the shadow, cast by the crease. 


    To cover a pimple, apply the concealer directly to the spot. Dab with a finger. 


    Suitable for contouring. Use a concealer that is one shade lighter and one shade darker than your skin for the facial contouring.