A 99% natural, luxurious anti-ageing night cream that continues to work overnight to rebuild dermal collagen, elastin fibres and activate cell processes, revealing smoother, younger looking skin.



A 79% organic, age defying night cream that deeply hydrates the skin and tackles the visible signs of skin ageing with studies showing that:

- After 1 night: 94% report more hydrated and smoother skin

- After 4 weeks: 88% confirm visibly reduced fine lines and wrinkles with improved skin elasticity and firmness, 85% improved synthesis of dermal collagen and 100% have improved skin hydration and stimulated skin regeneration


Key Ingredients

- Sea Buckthorn extract is a rich source of plant anti-oxidants, vitamin E, and provitamin A, promoting skin regeneration and acting as a natural UV filter

- Red clover extract contains phytoestrogens that facilitate formation of collagen fibres in skin, thus making it more firm and elastic

- Madara plant extract is rich in antioxidant polyphenols that neutralise 70% of free radicals protecting skin from oxidative stress and slowing down the ageing process

- Horsetail extract is the richest plant source of mineral silica which renews, heals and tightens skin, improving skin's elasticity and sttimulating blood and lymphatic circulation

Madara TIME MIRACLE Total Renewal Night Cream

  • Apply Madara Time Miracle Total Renewal Night Cream to clean skin in the evenings.