Daily moisturising balm, lifts, firms, reduces sensitivity, skin thinning, flushing and breakouts, spots.


Each herb and flower in Wonderbalm is extracted and then energised by Quanta® Wave Technology increasing its effectiveness. Our unique technology is the first of its kind built by our founders, it enables them to transform the extracts into a new more readily excepted form resulting in deeper longer lasting benefits

SKN RG Wonderbalm

  • For best results use as you would a daily moisturiser. Apply after using cleansing ritual or cleansed skin. Place a small amount of product into clean hands, approximately a 10 pence piece size. Massage into palms to activate the product. Then massage over skin for at least 20 seconds, allow cells to fully absorb the product for at least one minute before applying makeup or other products. The skin should be matt, without residue. If there is any residue re cleanse and repeat using less product. For eye care use Eye Therapy.